Manchester United
1999 The Treble

An Archive of the Manchester United 1999 Treble Season.

THE 1998-1999 SEASON

Manchester United opened the Season with the traditional friendly Charity Shield match contested against the previous Seasons Premier League Champions and F.A.Cup winners Arsenal.

Charity Shield

Sunday 9th August

Overmars 33
Wreh 56
Anelka 71
3 Manchester United 0


United also played in the Worthington League Cup competition in which they fielded under strength sides.

3rd Round

Wednesday 28thOoctober

Manchester United
Solskjaer 106
Nevland 115
2 Bury 0



4th Round

Wednesday 11th November

Manchester United
Solskjaer 57, 60
2 Nottingham Forest
Stone 68



5th Round

Wednesday 2nd December

Tottenham Hotspur
Armstrong 48, 55
Ginola 85
3 Manchester United
Sheringham 70


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